Creating Balance for Success

Inspired Success Means Balance

This series focuses on what gets us out of balance in body, mind and spirit.  You know the feeling.  One aspect of your life is going well and another seems to be out of balance.   We often tolerate this imbalance as if it is a normal experience.  Not the case.

We will begin this series using meditation to get our space (our energy) back in balance.  In subsequent meditations you will discover what gets you out of balance and how to change that.

What is out of balance for you?

Ever feel out of sorts, off balance, out of whack?  We all do and most often we live with it hoping it will pass.   Being out of balance affects our lives and our success.  In this meditation you will use simple ways to get back in balance quickly and without effort.

What knocks you off balance?

Success happens when we are grounded and focused on our vision.  Success comes to a grinding halt for a minute or even weeks when we are off balance or "out of sorts".  Taking our seniority back from what sets us off is important to our success personally and professionally.

Balance Means Having It All

Have you noticed that all is well in one aspect of your life but not so much in another?  Do things feel a bit off and feel if you could only get it all in balance your goals would manifest?

This is the last in our series on Creating Balance to Be Successful.  In this meditation you will have the opportunity to clear your thinking, reset your energy in balance and create space to have it all.



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