Inspired Success

Inspired Success means success based on who you are, what you value & doing what inspires you.

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What is intuition? Intuition is the ability to see and to know, beyond reason and logic, the truth in any instance. We are most open to our intuition when we are quiet and our mind is clear. It is not easy to define "intuition" as it is not logical. Intuition is understood through experiencing it and awareness.

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Decision Making

When we are have a clear vision or perspective and our actions are aligned with our goals then we don't struggle with decisions. We simply know and decide. When we are struggling to decide then something is out of alignment.

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To visualize is an intuitive ability to see clearly in your mind's eye. The most successful people have a clear vision.  Visualizing is the ability to know, to imagine a possibility and to see clearly.  Whatever can be imagined is being created.

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        EMyth Business Coaching - Have a successful business that supports your life.    

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  Inspired Success Bootcamp Coaching means success based on who you are and what you value.  It is called Bootcamp because I push you from where you are stuck and move you out of your comfort zone so that you can achieve your vision of success

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My goal is your success and to use intuition along with strategic thinking. Note the perspective on intuition these well know people have then add your comments below.

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News for Business Owners

    • California remains home to the greatest number of women-owned businesses in the nation and is the only state to surpass the 1 million threshold, according to the latest American Express analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. American Express State of Women Owned Business Report
    • Obama administration orders federal departments to review impact of regulations on small businesses (under 22 mil. in GAR).  Office of the National Ombudsman is working with business owners who are seeking regulatory relief.    For state regulations contact your state advocate. In California that is the Small Business AdvocateCalifornia Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz)
    • California Tax Incentives.  For CALCompetes Tax Credit applications due by 4/14/14 for this fiscal year.



A Plan - Do You Have One?

dreamstime xs 34081720The most successful people work with a written plan.  Do you have one?


Success Planning Infographic

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Why Not? Why Not Create Greater Success? Why Not?



Inspired Success Bootcamp Webinars

Inspired Success means success based on who you are and what you value.  Bootcamp means I move you out of your comfort zone so that you can have more.  Success takes focus, structure and intuition.

First Wednesday of each month.  Pre-register to save 50% and receive handouts prior to webinar. Click for details. 


Coming Soon - EMyth Webinars

EMyth Webinars based on the famous principles, dynamics and systems put forth by Michael Gerber in his book "Emyth Revisited".  To receive notices of webinars.


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Yes I Can Fly - Blogs


When my daughter was very young she told me a secret. She could fly but she did not want me to tell anyone because they would not believe her and then she would not be able to fly again » read more

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mk.0674.v2_Kayc   I created InSight Intuitive Consulting to support successful people. My focus is on you achieving your vision of success based on what you value, enjoying who you are and what you do. » read more